Moved to Duarte

The Moral Premise
Put A Band Aid On My Life
Just Before It Gets Dark
Oh, The Stars Shine Bright
Moving to Duarte
Fancy Footwork
This Is Arcadia
When We Used To Get High
Bruce Springsteen Dyes His Hair
We Don't Do That Anymore
Someday Is Gone
Everything from A To Z
The Way It Used To Be
10 Laundromats
If I Lose My Cat
I Should've Died Young
I Don't Like The Movies Anymore
Soothe Me

The Posh Boy Story (More or Less) – Various

While We Can (feat. Leslie Bohem & David Kendrick) - Johnette Napolitano
Sex Girls

Town of One – Town of One

Friends 'Til The End
Get Your Filthy Hands Off My Heart
Shake the Hand of the Man
Scared to Death
Real Love
Nowhere to go but Tomorrow
Empty Rooms
Fall So Hard
Town of One
Before it Gets Dark

Welcoming a New Ice Age – Gleaming Spires

Welcoming a New Ice Age
No One Coming Over
Your Secret Room
Bigger Than Life
The Things I Have Done To Our Love
Blowing Up My Life
What's Coming Next

Walk on Well Lighted Streets – Gleaming Spires

You're Right
Big Surprise
Walk On Well Lighted Streets
Fun Type
A Christian Girl's Problem
Happy Boy
At Together
The Making Love Project
Yes I Can

Songs of the Spires – Gleaming Spires

Going Hey Hey
Are You Ready For The Sex Girls?
While We Can
When Love Goes Under Glass
The End Of All Good Things
Watch Your Blood Beat
How To Get Girls Thru Hypnotism
Talking In The Dark
Big Hotels